Edit the Header and Footer

Edit the header

To edit or remove an item from the Header, hover over the header and click on Edit Header.


These are the items that are displayed by default in the header:

  •   Title
  •   Text
  •   Menu

Edit the Title and Text

Left click directly on the element. Three options are available to you to choose: Edit, Style and Delete.

When you click on Edit, a text box will appear, enter a Title. From the top toolbar of the text editor, you can modify the Size, Font, Color, Height and more.
When you are done, click on Save.

- When you click Style, the Shape and Background tab is displayed; here are your options:


  • Choose a Background Shape (the options are presented as a list);
  • Choose the background color;
  • Choose the Background Image.

    In the Advanced tab, here are your options:
  • Choose the Margins;
  • Choose Round Corners;
  • Choose the Border;
  • Choose the Shadow.

Edit Menu

To Edit a Menu, left-click directly on the menu, then click on Settings.

In the Menu section, here are your options:

  •   Text alignment;
  •   Spacing between letters;
  •   Spacing between tabs;
  •   Same width for all tabs;
  •   Justify the menu tabs;
  •   Tab position;
  •   Name “More pages” tab.

In the Sub-menu section, here are your options:

  •   Text alignment;
  •   Submenu positioning.

To change the Menu style, click on Edit header. Left click directly on the Menu, and then click on Style.

In the Shape and background tab, your options are:

  •   Menu form;
  •   Animation duration;
  •   Background color.

In the Tabs tab, your options are:

  •   Font;
  •   Font size;
  •   Menu and submenu text color;
  •   Hover text color for menu and submenu;
  •   Active text color for menu and submenu.

On the Advanced tab, here are your options:

  •   Menu border;
  •   Submenu border;
  •   Shadow.


The menu width is editable. Simply take one end of the menu bar and stretch out to display all titles.

Add Content and Background
When you click directly on the Heather; here are your options: 
Background and Add content.

To Add content, a window will display the available items in the different sections.


Click on Background to customize the Background of the header. A window appears with the available options.
For more information, please see Customize my backgrounds.


Add Multilingual feature

If you have a Pro or a Business/eCommerce Plan, you can add a Multi-language feature.

You can view the available languages ​​for your site in the Header or in the Footer:

Display language

  •   Click on the "Edit header or footer" icon;
  •   Click on Add content;
  •   Select the Multi-language feature;
  •   Choose "Display your languages";
  •   Choose the Alignment of the languages;
  •   Click on Save;

The contents

Creating a site in several languages ​​requires the translating your content into each of the desired languages.

By adding a language, you will mantain the design of your site; you simply need to translate your content.


You will be responsible for translating your content into each of the desired languages.

Edit the footer

To edit or remove an item from the Footer, hover over the footer and click on 'Edit footer'. Three options are display for you to choose: Add Content, Cancel, or Save.

The editing process is the same as the Header. The only difference is that you cannot add a Menu bar in the Footer.

You will also have the option to choose the display in two ways:

  •   Header and footer fixed

We advise creating a thin Header or Footer for optimal viewing.

  •    Header and footer specific to this page

 Only use this option if you want a different display on a specific page.

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