Change the site background

Each Template begins with default settings. You can change these settings in the Background section located at the left of the editor in the Vertical Management Toolbar.


Easily customize the background of your entire site, or just a particular page.

You can set up and modify different backgrounds for various sections of your site: the header, the body (including the sections) and the footer.

The background customization process is the same regardless of the section.

You can choose to use a color, an image, or both, as your background.

  • Background color: click the "No" button to enable this feature. You can choose a color from the color box, or use your own custom color code. You can also modify the color transparency and/or gradient.

  • Background image: click the "No" button to enable this feature. Once you have selected an image as background, you can modify the Scale and Position with the setting options.


Note: If you select an image and color as a background, your background color may not be visible. In this case, adjust the image scale until the color appears.

Change the background of a zone
To change the background of a zone, click on the icon to the right of the zone.

On the Edit tab, your options are :

• Change the background color;
• Change the background image.
To change the location of a zone, click on the icon located to the right of the zone.

To delete the zone, click the Recycle bin located to the right of the zone.

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