Verify ownership of a domain registered or transfered to WebSelf

You are required to verify ownership of your domain name in these two cases:

1.- Registration of a domain with WebSelf.

2.- Transfer of a domain to WebSelf.


Once the domain is registered or the domain transfer is complete, in order to verify ownership of your domain, you will receive an email to the email address associated with your domain name.


Subject: "IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for ¨"), click on the second link in the email "Click here to verify your request".


Note: if you don't receive the email in your inbox, check the spam or junk box. You can also search with the email address

Make sure to validate the property within a maximum of 15 days, without action on your part your domain name will be deactivated.


If your domain is deactivated because you have not validated its ownership, contact us at, a new verification request will be sent to you at the same email address.




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