Your bandwidth consumption

You can view your bandwidth consumption information by clicking on MANAGE, when you are on the Individual Dashboard of the associated site:


You can view the consumption status of Bandwidth, Forms data and available Storage space for your site.


Coming close to the limit?

No problem, you can upgrade to get more space. Note: If you exceed your bandwidth limit, your site will no longer be visible to the visitor, however, you will still have access to the editor. Bandwidth resets every month.


IMPORTANT: The number of visits is not the only factor that can affect bandwidth consumption. For a website to be visible on the web, it is necessary for search engines like Google to search for your information, and this also consumes bandwidth.


On the web, there are several search engines, the size of Google and other smaller ones that also need information from your site to present it.


In fact, there are several factors that can affect the bandwidth your site consumes:

– Layout changes: If you change the layout of your site, you can increase your page size and use more bandwidth.

– Traffic growth: Normally, traffic to your site will increase over time.

– Room to grow: As you add pages or information to your site, as you do a good job of internal networking, the number of pages visited also increases, in particular those of the spiders used by the search engines like Google.

– Traffic spikes: Unexpected traffic spikes, such as those caused by viral news sites, can cause bandwidth usage to double or even triple in a single month, or even a day.


You must always remain vigilant, because one of the situations may make it necessary to upgrade to a higher plan to be able to keep up with the pace of their websites.


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