Transfer an active subscription to a new site created in the same account

If you have created a new site in your account because you have changed the design of your current site, be aware that for billing reasons, it is not possible to transfer your active subscription to the new site that you have created.

A new subscription for your new site is necessary, once the subscription is completed, you will be able to link your domain name to the new site.


Note: you do not lose the amount that you have paid for your current subscription, a pro rata credit (unused days) will be configured on your account, this credit will be taken into account automatically when registering your new site.


Here is the procedure to follow:

1.-Contact us to request the cancellation of your current subscription. Cancellation must be done through our billing department.

2.- As soon as we rconfirme the cancellantion, all you have to do is to complete the registration of your new site. Here is the Registration Process.

3.- Once your registration is completed, all you have to do is link your domain name to your new site:


Go to the “Domains” tab at the top of the toolbar; your registered domain is displayed at the left in the table.

Go to the LINKED SITE tab, click on the LINK A SITE button:


4.- You will see your new site name, click on LINK SITE, then click OK:


5.- Your new site and subscription will be linked to your domain name.

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