Update my Card(Registration from 20-01-2020)


If the registered credit card has expired since your last payment, the renewal payment will fail for a 1st time. Then the payment is then put "On Hold", with a 2nd attempt 3 days later, and a 3rd attempt 6 days after that. It is only after a 3rd payment failure that the subscription will be cancelled.


But during the 9-day period between the 1st failure and the 3rd, the system automatically notifies you of each failure at the email associated with your Webself account.

To update your card information:

  • Log in to your Webself account.
    Go to the avatar tab located on the right side of the Dashboard. Click the Billing & Payments sub-tab and then on SUBSCRIPTIONS.
  • Click on the gear icon which is on the right side of the subscription line.


  • Click on Update my card: allows you to enter the coordinates of your new card.
  • A window will appear, choose the option that suits you Change the payment method for: This subscription only or All subscriptions.
  • Click on Next.

Enter your new card information.

Click Save.


If necessary, please feel free to send us a request to our billing service to retry your payment.

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