Subscription renewal (Subscriptions strarting 20-01-2020)

By default, your subscription as well as your domain (purchased at Webself) is automatically renewed on the anniversary date of the subscription, the charge passes on the card registered in your payment profile.

The card is by default the card that you have used to make your latest payment.

If the card has expired since your last payment, the renewal payment will fail. The payment is then put "On Waiting", there will be a 2nd attempt 3 days after, and a 3rd attempt 6 days after the first failure. It is only after a 3rd payment failure that the subscription will be cancelled.

During the 9-day watting period (between the 1st payment failure and the 3rd), the system will automatically notify you of each failure on the email associated with your Webself account. You can thus modify your banking information before the next automated attempt.

To do this:

- Log into your Webself account.

- Go to your avatar on the upper right corner to go to Billing and payment.

- Click on the gear icon to access the subscription settings, you have three options: Edit my plan, Update my card and Cancel plan.


1.- Modify my plan: You are redirected to our plans table, so that you can upgrade or downgrade your plan; here you can also change the subscription length.

2.- Update my card: Allows you to enter your new credit card information.

3.- Cancel plan: Allows you to cancel your subscription to a Premium plan.

Once you have updated your card information, if necessary, do not hesitate to send us a request to process your payment faster.

Note: If your subscription has been cancelled, you won't be able to update your credit card information; to renew your plan you must go through the subscription process again (Please see Subscribing to a Premium plan).



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