Transferring a domain to WebSelf (Subsciptions starting 20-01-2020)

With WebSelf, you can use a domain that you already own. You can easily transfer the hosting your existing domain to WebSelf. It’s like moving from one home to another, but without the hassle!

To proceed with a domain transfer, you must be first subscribed to a Basic, Pro, or eCommerce premium plan.

Advantages of transferring a domain name:

  • Manage your domain name and your website in one place.
  • Forget the stress of multiple logins and deadlines payments to different hosts.


Note: The only extensions hosted by WebSelf are: .com, .net, .org, .ca, .fr and .be.



With the purchase of an annual or multi-year Premium subscription (Basic, Pro, eCommerce), you get credit for a free one-year domain. For the use of a domain name; two methods are available to you:

1. Tranfering a domain IMMEDIATELY after registering.

Once you have completed your subscription to a WebSelf Premium package, you will be redirected to a window that offers you to register a free domain, or to use a domain name that you already own for your website.

1. Click on the link D¨Already own a domain name? ¨



2. Select ¨Transfer it to WebSelf¨; 


3. Read the Prerequisites before starting the transfer;

4.  In the “Checking the availability of your domain name” tab, enter your choice of a Domain name and extension and click on “Next” ;


4. Choose the Registration period and then click on "Next step";


5. Double check the Registrant contact, Technique, Billing, and Administrative information.


WARNING! Pay particular attention to the email address you have entered; all future communication concerning your domain will be sent there.
Make sure that there is no typing errors or risk of interruption of service. That's why we recommend using a personal address such as @, @, @, etc.

6. If you want to use the same Registrant contact information, for the Technique, Billing, and Administrative information, check mark the box "Use same information as above"; then click on "Next";

7. Choose the "Registration Type", either Private or Public Registration;



The private registration service allows you to hide in the WHOIS your contact information for all generic domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, .mobi) that you have already deposited or that you wish to deposit, thus avoiding attacks, fraud or spam.

That said, since 25 May 2018, the European Union’s ('EU') new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already protecting the contact information of residents of the European Union. If this is your case, it is not necessary to take a private registration and pay an extra fee.


8. Check the "Summary" and proceed to "Payment" (if applicable).

Note: With the purchase of an annual or multi-year Premium subscription (Basic, Pro, eCommerce), you get credit for a free one-year domain. 


2. Transferring a domain LATER.

If you have chosen not to transfer your domain name immediately, and you have clicked on the link "I will do it later", please follow the following steps:



Follow these instructions:

In your Individual Dashboard, you have two options:

  • Find the section "Domain".


  • Click on the Domains tab onj the menu barre.


After this step, the second method follows the same steps as the first method (See Tranferring a domain to WebSelf).



Following the registration of your domain, you will receive an email to the  associated email address, Subject: "IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for"), click on "Click here to Verify your request". If you do not confirm the e-mail address associated with your domain name within 15 days, your domain name will be disabled.


Please note, if you make a mistake in your domain name, unfortunately it is not possible to modify it, you will have to buy a new name with the correct spelling.

To CONFIRM the domain transfer

1. Once you have completed the Step No. 8, you will receive an email from our OpenSRS Registrar ([domains] Transfer request for

2. Locate the line Please go to our website, to confirm or decline the transfer¨ that appears at the end of the email.

3. A new page will show. Check mark the option ¨To accept the transfer of your domain name...¨, then enter your Authorization code (the code that you have received from your former registrar), and click on Submit request.

11. Once you have submitted your request, you will receive an email from your former Registrar to approve the transfer, click on the link that appears in the message, in order to Accept the transfer request. This email is used to accept or to cancel the transfer request; you have 5 days to retract. If you do not cancel the request, the transfer will be completed, according to the usual deadline.

Once the transfer request is accepted, the transfer process can take up to two weeks to complete depending on the extension and domain registrar (normally, the domain will be transferred within 7 days).



Once the domain name has been transferred, go to the “Domains” tab, your registered domain is displayed on the left in the table in Status “Completed”.

Go to the LINKED SITE tab, click on it:


You will see your site, click on LINK A SITE:



Once the domain transfer is completed, to verify ownership of your domain, you will receive an email at the email address that is associated with your domain name Subject: "IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for"), click on "Click here to Verify your request"; if you do not confirm within 15 days ownership of it, your domain name will be disabled.


For your information:

Email addresses linked to your domain name will not be transferred with your domain. Once the transfer is completed, you can create the email addresses again.

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