Configuring DNS Records from a Domain Connected to WebSelf

If you are "Connecting" also called "Redirecting" your domain purchased elsewhere so that it points to your WebSelf site, you are using WebSelf DNS settings.

In certain cases a DNS or MX settings change is necessary for your domain and linked services to work properly.

Here's how to change the DNS and MX settings for your domain connected to your WebSelf site.


These settings affect how your domain works with other computers and the Internet. Changing these settings can result in a disruption in service to your website and emails. We therefore recommend only experienced users to make changes to these items.

  • In your individual dashboard, click on "Manage" and then on "Domains".
  • Go to the gear icon located at the right of your domain name.
  • Click on "Advanced Settings".

  • You will be presented with a table that contains two types of records:


1. DNS records (HOST)

Here you can add a Hostname (record) to your DNS zone:

  • Click on Modify.
  • Click on OK (to the alert message).
  • The Edit DNS table appears.
  • Click on Add Host.
  • Choose the type of host.
  • Enter the name of the host and its value.
  • Click on Save

Example of adding DNS records for a domain hosted at GANDI:

DNS Records:

Pop 10800 IN CNAME
Webmail 10800 IN CNAME
Smtp 10800 IN CNAME
Imap 10800 IN CNAME

Here is the table with the configured values:


Example of adding the IP address of the MAIL server for a domain hosted at NIC.FR / LWS:

The IP address of the mail server is:

Here is the table with the configured IP address:



The HOSTNAME "@" and "www" should not be replaced or deleted.

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