General dashboard & Profile

General dashboard

The Dashboard is the main page displayed after logging into your WebSelf account. This is the navigation hub where you can manage all the aspects of your account.

If you maintain multiple sites on the same account, you will arrive at a main screen when you log in called Dashboard  or "My Sites" that catalogs all your sites to manage and edit. It includes:


1. The green "+" button to Add a new site (you can have up to 10 free on the same account, and as many premium sites as you wish).
2. The site's name (the one chosen at creation).
3. The  site's address (By default, the system assigns you an address in the form; you can change it in the Individual dashboard).
4. The Manage button (It gives you access to the Individual dashboard), Edit (It gives you access to the editor) and Subscribe (to subscribe to a Premium plan).
5. The banner indicating in which plan your site is right now.

My profile

To access your account details, go to the avatar tab on the right side of the Dashboard, then you will be able to edit your profile.

If you have made at least one payment on your account, you will also see Billing and Payments in this corner.

In your profile, you can change the display language in the account, as well as edit your account information.

You can also enable the connection via Facebook or Google+.

To Delete your site, go to My profile, scroll down to the Delete your site section, and click Delete.


To Delete your account, go to My profile, then scroll down to the Delete your account section and click on Delete (First you must delete all the sites you have created).


To exit the WebSelf editor, click Logout.


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