To edit content in the Menu

To modify the Menu settings, click on Edit Header. Then left-click directly on the Menu, then click on Settings.


In the Menu tab, your options are:

  • Text alignment;
  • Spacing between letters;
  • Spacing between tabs;
  • Same width for all tabs;
  • Tabs alignment;
  • Tabs position;
  • Title "Plus" tab.

If the titles are too long, the 'Plus' tab is automatically displayed to indicate the other pages of your site that are in the Menu. Your menu tabs will be displayed under the tab called "Plus" that you did not create.
To correct the problem, you must enlarge (stretch) the Menu bar so that all of your Menu titles can be displayed in the header.


In the Submenu section, your options are:

  • Text alignment;
  • Submenus position.

To change the menu’s Style, click on Edit Header. Left-click directly on the Menu, then click on Style.

In the Shapes and Background tab, your options are:

  • Screenshot
  • Menu form;
  • Animation duration;
  • Background color.

In the Tabs tab, your options are:

  • Font type;
  • Font size;
  • Text color of menu and submenu;
  • Text color while hovering over menu and submenu;
  • Text color of menu and submenu.

In the Advanced tab, your options are:

  • Border menu;
  • Border submenu;
  • Shadow



The width of the Menu can be changed; use the mouse to point to one of the handles. Hold on the left mouse button and drag the handle to resize the box. Release the mouse button when see all the Pages title appear.

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