Google Analytics (Universal / GA4)

1-) What is it for?

Google Analytics is an incredible tool, it allows to know how long does a visitor stays on your website, which pages were seen, the source of your visitors, etc.

You can have access to lots of important information and be able to measure the exact impact of your advertising campaigns for example. You will be able to better understand your audience and thus better respond to their needs. You will have the opportunity to compare your current performance with your previous campaigns and you will be able to control your budget. Brief, this tool gives you a concrete way to track visitors activity on your website.


2-) Create an account

First, create a Google Analytics account. To obtain your Analytics GA4 ID, once you have reached the ¨Data collection¨ step, in the "Choose a platform"option, choose 'Web', enter the necessary information, then click on "Create stream" :

Choose the option "Install manually".

You will find your Google Analytics 4 code in the window. You just have to copy it to integrate it on your WebSelf site.

Source: [2023] Google Analytics 4 Tutorial | How to Setup & Add Google Analytics (GA4) to Your Website


3-) Add code to WebSelf
All you have to do is go to your WebSelf site, then on the vertical management bar located at the bottom left of the editor, click on the “Settings” tab. Then click on the “Code and tracking” tab, you will find the “Script” section at the bottom.
You must add the code in the General script (HTML or JavaScript) between tags <head> and </head>


IMPORTANT: if you already have a UA code configured in the "Google analytics tracking ID" section, do not touch it (both tracking codes will work together), go to you Google Analytics account and sinply "Add a property' in order to get your tracking code GA4.


NOTE: The ¨Universal Analytics¨ code looks like UA-222222-2 and the ¨GA4¨ code to G-XXXXXXXXXX.



Go back to your Google Console account and click on the "Validate" link.

Once you have verified your website ownership, your website will appear in the Dashboard of your Google Analytics account.


To learn more: how to use Google Analytics?

Note: Traffic data doesn't is not received immediately; it can take form 24 to 48 hours to start receiving traffic data.

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