Add a Tags feature to allow your visitors to search in your blog by a topic of interest.

To do this, you must first add tags in each of the articles in Blog Management.

Note: Once you have entered the name of the tag in the indicated field , press "Enter" to save, then press "Update".
To add a tags features to your blog, go to the left side of the editor, then click on add, in the "blog" section , drag and drop the tags icons to the desired location on your page.


In the "settings" tab , you can configure the following items :

Module Title: press the "NO" button to activate this function.

  • Enter a title
  • Click Save.

In the "style" tab, you can configure the following items:


In the "colors" sub-tab here are your options:

  • Button color: Choose the color of the buttons.
  • Color of button text: Choose the text color of the buttons.
  • Text font: Choose the font of the text used for the buttons.
  • Font size: Choos the size of the font used for the buttons.


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