How do I view the response to my support request in my WebSelf account?

As you know, the WebSelf support team is there for you and is well aware of the importance of your requests, which is why they respond quickly to your requests sent via the ticket system or to the email address

However, there may be various external situations that prevent our response from reaching your inbox.

Please note that if you do not receive a response to your request in the inbox of the email address with which you sent it, you can look for the response in your WebSelf account.


To do this, go to click on the SIGN IN tab.


Once logged into your WebSelf account, click on the Support tab.


You will be redirected to the Help Center, click on the My Activities tab.


The responses to all requests that you have sent by ticket or to the email address are available there.

Click on the Subject column to view the response.

Make sure to always send your support requests either via ticket or via the email address, if you send your request via another email address or location, the WebSelf support team will not be able to ensure its follow-up.

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