Creating Categories is optional. You can use them to help you organize your products into different sections.


In the "Categories" section these are your options:

  • List of categories: allows to view the categories of your E-shop. Search, Add Category and Select All Categories.
  • Add Category: Allows you to add new categories to your store.
  • In the Information sub tab of the category: Enter the Category Name.
  • In the Products sub tab of the category: Click Add products to link products to the category.


A search bar will appear to help you locate the products you want to link. All products in your store will be displayed in a list.

  •   To select a product, mark the checkbox located on left of the product.
  •    Once the product is selected, it is added to the Category’s products list.
  •    To delete a product, simply click on the recycling icon.
  •    To cancel adding a category, click on Cancel.
  •    To remove the category, click on Delete.
  •    To add the category, click on  Add.


Search: Enter the category’s name to locate the desired category.



To create a subcategory, simply left-click and drag the category to the right. Using the same technique, you can create sub-sub categories.

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