Add a new product

In the "Products" section these are your options:

Add Product: Allows you to add products to your E-shop.


Product Information
In the "Product information" sub-tab, here are your options:

  • Product Name: enter the product name;
  • Price: Enter the product price;
  • Discount: Enter the discount for this product in %;
  • Price after discount: Price to be displayed after applying the discount;
  • Product description: enter the description of your product;



If you have a multilingual site, the different languages ​​of your site will be displayed so that you can enter the information in different languages.

  • Product type: indicate the type of product (Physical, Digital or Service);


To download your digital product, click "Add File".

IMPORTANT: WebSelf accepts the following files: PDF, Word, Excel, Mp3 (music), Mp4 (video). However, there is a limit to the file's weight level of 1GB.


Then specify the "Download limit by order".



  • SKU(Stock Keeping Unit): You can set up your own SKU allocation system for your products;
  • Barcode: If you use codes to identify your products, enter the code;
  • Weight: Enter the Product’s weight;
  • Number of items in stock: Enter the number of items in stock;
  • Apply the tax(es) to this product: Uncheck the option if you do not want to apply tax for this particular  product;
  • Apply the shipping fees to this product: Uncheck the option if you do not want to apply shipping charges for this particular product.


In the "Images" sub tab, these are your options:

  • Add Image: Click to add pictures.

 New image: Select an image from your computer;

 My images: Select an image from the library.



You can offer more than one image for your product and choose your main image.
To change the order, you just need to move the images.


Product options
In the "Product Options" sub tab;
Click the "NO" button to enable this feature.


Click Add Option to configure your product options. A window appears:

  1. Title: Enter a title for your Product Option;
  2. Type: choose a type for your Option for example: List (Drop-down menu), Colour, Size;



To add an option to your list, click on  Add Option.

- In the window, enter a Title for your option. If your option is Size for example, you must enter an option for each of the available sizes. Ex: small; Large; way; very

large, etc.

To save your option, click on Add.

Once the product option is added, it is displayed in a table, where you can configure more detail for each option:

-Additional cost


-Product activation option

The price for the "main" article will be taken as the base price, you only have to indicate the price difference in the "Additional cost" column, to set up the price for each product option.



Product activation
In the "Product Activation" sub tab;


Activate y this product in your E-shop?

The "YES" button is checked by default

To save your product, click on Save.



To return to the E-shop Management, simply click on the "Shop" tab in the Management Bar.

To return to the E-shop page, simply click on "Return to editor", located in the left column.


In the "Category" tab, these are your options:

The available categories are displayed. Check the box for the category, sub category, or sub sub category in which you want the product to be displayed.


In the "Banner" sub-tab;
Click the "NO" button to enable this feature.

Use a banner on your image to highlight your product, for example "SPECIAL OFFER!".


Custom text
In the "Custom Text" sub-tab;
Click the "NO" button to enable this feature.

Offer buyers the ability to customize a product via a customizable text field.


In the "Actions" sub tab;
Use the default values ​​defined in "Stock".

The "YES" button is checked by default.



Click on "NO" to enable the following options:

-Hide product if the stock is less than or equal to: mark the box to indicate a number of items in  stock.

-When the product is out of stock and when a product option is out of stock: in the drop-down box, choose between the following options:

  1. Allow the purchase of the product option.
  2. Prevent the purchase of the product option.
  3. Hide product option.
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