Manage your E-shop

You can manage your E-shop by clicking directly on the Shop tab of the Horizontal Management Bar.

Here, you can manage all the products and settings of your E-shop!

You can access your E-shop settings using the vertical management bar on the left.


  1. Dashboard: Check out the steps to starting your own E-shop. You can also follow your orders, your top 5 products and categories, and sales trends.
  2. Orders: Manage your orders,
  3. Catalog:
    - Products: Modify or add products;
    - Categories: Modify or add categories;
  4. Shipping: Set up delivery methods for your products;
  5. Coupons: Create promotion codes for your products *;
  6. Settings:
    - General : Set up your company's general information;
    - Taxes: Set up the applicable taxes on your products;
    - Stock: Manage inventory for your products;
    - Currencies: Set currencies;
  7. Payment: Choose the payment methods of your E-shop;
  8. Pages: Personalize your communication with your client.


To return to the E-shop Management, simply click on the "E-shop" tab in the Horizontal Management Bar.

To return to the E-Shop page, simply click on "Return to editor", in the vertical management bar located on the left side of the editor.

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