Add post

New post

You can add a new post in two ways:

  1. By left-clicking directly on your blog, then on "New post";
  2. In the blog manager by clicking on "Create new post" on the Blog Management


Post content

  • Enter a title for your post;


  • Click on Add content;


  • Click on Save.

Post Settings

In the right column, you can set up the following items:


Posting date and time
As soon as you publish your article, the date and time are set by default. You can change them or schedule a publication.

A tag (label or marker) is a keyword or term associated with or assigned to a post.


  •  New category: enter the name of the new category.


  •  URL of the article; enter the title for your post.
  •  Meta description: provide a brief description of your post.


To publish the post, click on "Publish".

To save the post, click on the  create_post_save.png icon.


If you decide not to publish or save the article you are working on, click on the "Back to posts" at the top of the page to return to the blog manager.

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