Transferring a domain to WebSelf

With WebSelf, you can use a domain that you already own. You can easily transfer the hosting your existing domain to WebSelf. It’s like moving from one home to another, but without the hassle!

Advantages of transferring a domain name:

  • Manage your domain name and your website in one place.
  • Forget the stress of multiple logins and deadlines payments to different hosts.

You can transfer a domain while registering to a plan, or do it later by accessing your Control panel.

  1. Click on Manage;
  2. Click on Domains in the left column, then on "Do you already own a domain name ?”;
  3. Select “Transfer to WebSelf”;
  4. Please read the conditions before starting a transfer;
  5. Enter the Domain name and the extension (e.g. .com, .net, .org, .ca, .fr,)
  6. Click on Next;
  7. You will receive a first email (Subject: Transfer request for,
  8. Click in the link appearing in the message, then click "I Accept, then enter your EPP key (authorization code).
  9. You will receive a second email (Subject: STANDARDIZED FORM OF AUTHORIZATION DOMAIN NAME TRANSFER).
  10. Click on the link that appears in the message, then on "I Accept", to accept the transfer request.


The transfer can take up to two weeks depending on the extension and your domain registrar.
The email addresses associated with your domain name will not be transferred. Once the domain is transferred to WebSelf, you must create the email addresses again.

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