Facebook allows you to feature your most important posts.

To add a Facebook post on your website, access Settings at the bottom of the editor's left column.


And then, click on "Social", on the left menu bar.


  • Enter a Title for your post;
  • Enter a Description for your post;
  • Click on Edit image to change the post thumbnail;
  • Click on Save;
  • Click on Publish;
  • Copy the URL of your website (example: http://www.MySite.com);
  • Go to your Facebook page, click on the window "Write something ..." 
  • Paste the URL of your website;
  • Click on Publish;
  • Your publication will be displayed *.  

*In general, Facebook reviews the majority of ads within 24 hours. However, this time may vary.

Avoid long posts! Post of 40 characters or less receive more attention than longer ones. 

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