A slideshow allows you add visual transition effects to the display of images, text, or videos on your site.

To add a slideshow, access the Basic section on the left side of the editor. Then, simply drag the Slideshow icon to the desired location on your page.


You can locate the settings at the top of the window.

The background button allows you to set a color and/or image as a background.

  • To select a color, use the color picker tool. You can choose from the default colors or select any other color you’d like..
  • To select an image as a background, simply upload an image to your Library. On the Options tab, you can choose the scale and the position of your image.

If you choose to display a color and image at Fill scale, you will not see your selected color.

On the Content tab, you can select the items you’d like to add to your slideshow: text, video, or social media icons.

On the Slideshow tab, you will find the slides. You can:

  • Move slides by dragging them with your mouse;
  • Copy a slide by clicking on the  icon;
  • Delete a slide by clicking on the  icon.

Add a new slide
To add new slides, click on Add slide.

The Settings button gives you access the following options:

  • Auto play: Allows your slides to be displayed automatically;
  • Repeat: Allows the same slide to be repeated;
  • Transition delay: Allows you designate the transition period between slides;
  • Transition Effect: Allows you to select the transition effect for your slides;
  • Show navigation buttons: Allows the navigation buttons to be visible;
  • Button styles: Allows you to choose the style for your buttons, and set a
    horizontal or vertical alignment.

To preview your slideshow, click on View.

Add content to a slideshow
To add content to your slideshow click on the + icon, the available items for this feature (images, text, video, social badges, etc.) will be shown.

To add a picture, you have three options:

  1. Drag your image;
  2. Upload an image from my computer;
  3. Open library.

Once the image has been downloaded, here are your display options:

  • Keep image ratio: Select this option if you want to keep the ratio between the width and height of your image;
  • Enlarging image on click: Select this option if you want the picture to enlarge on click;
  • Alt Text: Use this feature to add a description of the image. This field is important for your site’s ranking (SEO);
  • Edit the image: See Edit image;
  • Change image: Click on it to replace the image;
  • Add caption: Click on the icon to insert a caption;
  • Add link: Click the icon to add a hyperlink.
  • Save: Click on Save to save the changes.


Edit a slideshow image

By left-clicking on the image, you have the following options:

Edit: See Edit image
Zoom: Click on the scroll bar to crop the image.

Use the positioning icon  to position the image at right to left, top or bottom.

Give a style to the slideshow

To give a style to the slide show, left click directly on the Slideshow module.

On the Style tab here, here are your options:

In the Shape and background tab:

  • Choose a background shape;
  • Choose a background color;
  • Choose a Background image.

On the Advanced tab, here are your options:

  • Margins;
  • Round corners;
  • Borders;
  • Drop shadow.

Show on all slides: Check this box out to have the image same image appearing on every slide in the slideshow.


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