Add a map

A map allows you to display your address—making it easier for your visitors to find you! This is a great addition to an About Us or Contact Us page.

To add a map, access the ‘Tools’ section on the left side of the editor, then drag & drop the Map icon to the desired location on your page.


On the Address tab, you can add:

  • Address number and street name: Enter your address number and street name;
  • Zip Code: Enter your postal code;
  • City: Enter your city name;
  • Country: Select your country from the dropdown list;
  • Description: Check the box if you want to add a description of your location.

Map settings

There are two sections on the Settings tab to modify your maps:

In “Options” section, you can choose to modify:

  • Map type: This option allows you to choose between a roadmap, satellite or terrain
  • suit your different activities (i.e. terrain maps for hiking);
  • Zoom: This option allows you to reduce or enlarge the focus on your map;
  • Lock map: Check this box to fix your the map on one specific location;
  • Advanced position: Set your location via latitude and longitude to display map of sites without a physical addresses.

In the "Control" section, you can choose whether to display:

  • Map type,
  • Street view
  • Marker
  • Navigation
  • Zoom
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