The Dashboard

 The General Dashboard

The My Sites page is the home page that appears when you log into

Here, you can either Edit or Subscribe/Upgrade your web site. 


The Individual Dashboard

By clicking on MANAGE, you arrive on the Individual dashboard of the associated site.


In the black menu bar at the top are placed some important elements: in fact, they have their own articles or section in this guide:

- Domains

- Email

- Plans

You also have access to data related to Statistics, Your Consumption, and Data (Form, and Survey).

Three points icon

 By clicking on Manage, then in the Three points icon, here are your options:


  1. Edit your web address
  2. Copy your site
  3. Transfer your site
  4. Delete your website

Edit your web address

You can Edit the url of your website by clicking on Manage in the Dashboard , then on the Three points iconé


Modification is only possible for free sites

Copy your site

You can Copy a site by clicking on Manage in Individual Dashboard, then on the Three point.

The copy is available for Free and Premium sites.

Transfer your site

You can Transfer a site by clicking on Manage in The Individual Dashboard, then on the Three point

The transfer is available just for Free sites.

Delete your site

You can Delete a free website by clicking on Manage in the Individual Dashboard, then on the Three points icon.

In the Individual Dashboard, you also have access to important data related to Statistics, Domains, Email, plan,Data usage, Parthners and Data (Emails,Form and Survey)

  • Statistics

If you have a Free site, you will be updated with data on the number of pages viewed and visitors to your site.
If you have a Premium pro or business account, you benefit from more detailed statistics to
update you about data on Visitors, Viewed pages, Keywords, Countries, Connecting Devices, and Referral Traffic. This data is critical for orienting your communications and marketing strategies for your site.



For more detailed statistics, simply click on View all statistics.

Detailed statistics

The Website statistics tab shows the overall traffic your website receives in a given period of time.
You can choose to view your statistics by Period: Today, yesterday, last seven days, current month, last month or customized. You can also choose to view your statistics for a given period of time, by choosing the option From DD/MM/YYYY To : DD/MM/YYYY.

Pages views and visitors

  • Page views: represents the total number of pages that visitors looked at on your website.
  • Visits: represents the number of times the website was visited, without regard to returning visitors.
  • Unique Visitors: represents the number of actual people that visited your website.
  • Pages per visit: represents how many Web pages a particular user views on your website.
  • Bounce Rate: is the percentage of single-page sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page.
  • Average session duration: is the total duration of all sessions (in seconds) / number of sessions.

Main pages viewed
Shows you the most visited pages of your website.

Search terms
Shows you the most popular keywords used on your website.

Visitors per
You can see the results by "country" or "city".

Device categories
You can see the most popular devices being used: Desktop, Mobile,Tablet.

Traffic source

  • Direct access: users that typed your URL directly into their browser, or who had bookmarked your site.
  • Organic search (unpaid search): people that use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Social: people that use referring social networking like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Referring Sites
The sites linking back to your website.
Positive for SEO, these sites often bring qualified and steady traffic, people interested in what you have to say.
This indicator also shows sites that have something negative about your site to say.

  • Your Data usage

Bandwidth, form data and storage space available for your site can be checked through the Individual Dashboard. Are you getting close to the limit? No problem, simply upgrade your plan to get more space.


If you exceed the bandwidth limit, your site will not be visible to the visitor, however, you will always have access to the editor. Bandwidth resets each month.

  • Domains

This section displays key information on your domain(s) name(s). It also allows you to check the availability of a domain name (only offered if you have a domain name with our Pro or Business Plan subscription).

  • Email

In this section, you can generate email addresses under your domain(s) name(s).

  • Partners

In this section, you can explore a variety of useful tools offered by our partners. These tools are complimentary with your WebSelf site, and can serve valuable in developing your website.

  • My Data
    Email addresses and other personal information collected via the Mailing list is stored in the Dashboard, via the Contact information tab.

    Note: This feature is only available with a Premium Plan: Pro or Business.

    The Form received answers are stored in the Dashboard, via the Form Data tab (in addition to being sent by email). A free site, he is entitled to 25 months of activity data (this resets thereafter), for the Premium plan is unlimited.

    The Survey received answers are stored in the Dashboard, via the Data Survey tab. All plans offer unlimited data.

Is my site visible on Google?
You can check if your site is indexing or not on the search engines.

Analyze my website (SEO)
Free website analysis to improve your visibility. For more information SEO Tools.

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