The Management Toolbar

The Management Toolbar is a central feature of the WebSelf editor.

Horizontal toolbar
Vertical toolbar


Horizontal Management Toolbar

The Horizontal Management Toolbar is located on the navigation bar at the top left-hand side of the screen. On the drop-down menu of the Toolbar, you can directly access key management functions for your site.
This toolbar organizes a list of handy shortcuts to directly access your Dashboard and Statistics, create a new site, exit the editor or Logout.

Pages list
Quickly access single pages, other websites, and hidden pages with the Pages List tab.

Languages list
Review and update your site’s language(s) through the Language List tab.

Note: The Multilingual feature is available only with the Pro and Business Plans.

Create your blog easily. Texts, images, videos, anything can be built in just a few clicks. Having a blog is a good way to optimize your website for SEO and keep your visitors interested.

Create your online store easily. The E-Shop feauture will allow you to make online sales directly from your website.

Learn about the range of support tools offered by WebSelf: Interface Visit, Video, Help Center and Contact us.

Complete your registration, and upgrade to a premium Basic, Pro or Business plan.

Undo / Redo
Undo or redo the last performed action by clicking on the Undo / Redo icon.

Mobile view
Enable or disable the display of the mobile version of your site. Simply click on the mobile icon located in the toolbar management of your site.

Preview allows you to see exactly what your users will see once it’s online. You can review any changes you have made before publishing your site online.

To share your site before publishing: Go to Preview and click on the "Share" icon.

Publish renders your content as publically visible online. Remember to click on Publish each time you update your site.


Vertical Management Toolbar

This is located on the left side of the screen in the editor. It gives you direct access to the key functions of your site's settings. Below, you will find a description of the different elements contained in this bar.

This section allows you to add content. Content is a feature that you add to your site: an image, a form, a map, and so on.

This section gives you access to management the pages of your site. You can add, delete or simply copy a page.

The Section feature allows you to divide your web page into several work areas. Then content can be added, edited or deleted.

In this section you can change the backgrounds and colours of the different sections of your site (Page, Header, Body, Footer, Sections)

In this section, you can change the different colours and fonts used on your website in order to personalize them.


The image library is accessible at all times on the left of the screen in the editor. No need to go through a module each time to consult your uploaded images. Changing an existing file changes the order of the files in your library.

Modify the preferences and settings for your entire site through the Settings tab. Add languages and different tracking codes, manage your SEO, change your favicon, and even customize your own 404 page. 


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