Create a form

Forms allow you to easily communicate with your visitors. You can create a form for a variety of uses, from an order form, to a client account, survey, and much more.

To create a form, access the Basic section on the left side of the editor. Then, simply drag the Form icon to the desired location on your page.


Some of the fields of your form are filled by default, but you can always add custom fields. To add additional fields, just click Add field.


This feature is only available with a Premium Plan (Basic, Pro or Business).

Add a field

To add a field, select the type of field that you’d like to insert:

  • Short Text: Text field with a maximum of 200 characters;
  • Long text: Text fields with a maximum of 2000 characters;
  • Email: Reserved for an email address (e.g.;
  • Numerical: This field must contain only numbers;
  • Date: Displays dates via a clickable calendar;
  • Selection list: Allows your visitors to select a choice from a drop-down menu;
  • Multiple choice checkbox list: Allows your visitor to select several choices;
  • Single choice (radio button): Only one choice can be selected;
  • Check box: Add a checkbox;
  • Attachment: Allows your visitor to upload PDF documents, Microsoft Office, etc.;
  • Title: Insert a title between several different fields to separate sections.

    The maximum storage space allocated for an attachment a file is 100 MB, regardless of your subscription plan.

To designate fields as required, click on the Asterisk (*);
To make changes in the field name and/or type, click on the Pencil icon;
To delete a field, click the Recycling bin icon.

Customize form

To customize your form, click on the Settings tab.

In the Options section, you can choose to:

  • Form title: Select a title—this will identify the form in your data management;
  • Title position: Choose to display your form title on the top, left, or in the field;
  • Enable Capcha: Check the box to activate this security feature.

In Style section, you can customize:

  • Font
  • Font size
  • Color

Inte the Request for consent section

  • Click on the  "no" to activat this function;
  • Write your personalize text in te window created for this purpose;
  • To find our more : .

In the Button style section, you can customize:

  • Button title: Modify the text of the Submit button;
  • Button color: Choose a color for the button;
  • Button text color: Pick a text color for the button.

In the Email section, you can perform these actions:

  • Email Address: Enter the email address where you’d like to receive the form;
  • Email Subject: Enter the default subject title for email submissions;
  • Confirmation message: Enter the text to display after visitors complete your


All responses to your form (including email submissions) are stored on the Dashboard via the Data Form tab. Free subscriptions are limited to 25 data per month (it resets each month). Premium Plans data subscribers enjoy unlimited data.



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