Purchase an additional email addresses package

There are two essential requirements to be able to purchase an additional email addresses package for your domain name:

  1.  The domain must be hosted by WebSelf.
  2.  You should be subscribed to a Premium plan (Basic, Pro or Business).
One email address is included with your domain name with a Pro and 5 email addresses with a Business Plan
(on a one year, two years or five years subscription).


Email addresses contained in the package will be related to your domain name and will be valid for the same registration period. A pro rata calculation will be used to determine the appropiate portion of fees - that is to say, in proportion to the respective registration period.
If the domain is not renewed, then the email addresses will not be renewed.

To purchage a pack, access your Individual Dashboard:
  • Click "Manage" and then "Emails".
  • Choose your desired package (5 emails, 10 emails, 20 emails).
  • A summary of your order will be shown.
  • To validate your order, click on "Buy".
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