How to move from a free website to a WebSelf Premium Plan ?

Do you have a FREE WebSelf site and would like to upgrade to one of our premium WebSelf Basic, Pro or Business plans?

Log into your account via, and access the General Control Panel.

Select the site you want to change and then click on Subscribe. You will be redirected to the available WebSelf Plans.

The registration process begins:

1. Select a Plan and click on 'Choose'.

2. Review the Payment and details.

3. Select a Subscription period.

4. Complete your Payment information.

5. Double-check your total balance.


By confirming your order, you acknowledge having read and accepted the Terms of use and the Privacy policy of

6. Click on 'Purchase'.
7. A message confirming the reception of your payment will be displayed.
8. Your invoice will be available in PDF format on the Billing and Payments tab.



Once you have completed your registration to a WebSelf Premium Plan, you will be able to use or purchase a domaine name for your website. To know more, please visit the 'Domain' section.


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