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When subscribing to a WebSelf Premium plan, you may not choose a domain name right away.

  • With a subscription to a WebSelf plan for 1 year, 2 years or 5 years, you have a bonus for a free domain name for the first year of subscription.
  • With a subscription to a monthly WebSelf plan, a fee of 18.95 EUR/year applies for registering a domain name.

If you decided to choose your domain name later, you are free to register the domain name of your choice, whenever you want, by following the few steps:


  • Log in to your account, once on the Dashboard, click on Domains;
  • Enter your choice of Domain Name and Extension and click on VERIFY.
    You can also choose other extensions. Note that the fees of extensions is not the same for everyone;
  • Choose the Registering period.
  • Enter your Contact Information. Check the option ¨Use the same information as above¨, if it is the same Technical contact details, Billing contact details and Administrative contact details.
  • Enter the Additional information related to the registration (only for the extension '.fr'). Depending on the extension, you may have additional information to fill in.
  • Choose whether you want a private or public registration of your domain;
  • Proceed to payment.

Note : With a 1 year, 2 years or 5 years subscription to a WebSelf plan, you have a bonus for a free domain name for the first year of subscription. When registering a domaine name, it is only possible to choose a one-year subscription period.


For more information, see Registering a domain name.

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