Change the name of my free site

 If you have a free site and want to change its name (domain name), here is how to proceed:

1) Log in to your WebSelf account. Once on your Dashboard, locate the website you want to change, click on Manage.


2) Click on the three dots icon at the top right, then on Edit your web address.


3) You can change the name of your web address.

Note: you cannot remove the number following your site name, or the webselfsite or subdomain.

With our free plan, a subdomain and number are included in your domain name.

If you wish to have a domain name without a WebSelf subdomain or without a number, we invite you to upgrade to one of our Premium plans.

With one of our Premium plans, you can connect a domain that you already own or have access to a personalized domain name, we offer you a free domaine for the first year of your subscription. Discover our Premium plans.


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