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How to add Book now button directly on your WebSelf website?

Sign in your Webself editor, and go on the page where you want to add the book now button.

1. Click on the section ‘’+ ADD’’ and select the option ‘’Script’’ in the Tools Sections.

2. Click on it, and drop down it on the desired section.


This pop will appear:

3. To generate the code that you’ll past on this pop up:


4. You’ll need your Booxi API Key.
Here’s how to find it: Go on My Business tab, and then on the section Business Details. Scroll down to the section API Key and copy the code.
Then go to this page: and use the Widget Generator to create the script:


In the section API Key, paste the code you’ve just copied.
Select the language which you want the text to appear on the button, and select the option ‘’External Popup’’. Then you can customize the text of the button if you want to. Finally, click on the button ‘’ Generate the code’’ : a code is generated on the right side.

5. Copy the code generated in the section ‘’Widget Code’’.


6. And go back to the Editor in Web self.
In the pop-up Script, scroll down to the section ‘’Content code between <body> and </body> tags. Paste the Widget code you’ve just copied.

7. Go back to the box code generator and copy the code in the Widget Container section.


8. In the WebSelf Editor, paste the code in the first section ‘’Code Content’’.

9. Once again go back to your Booxi generator, and copy the code in the section ‘’Book Now Button’’. For example, copy the English one.


10. And finally go back to the Web self Editor and paste the code you’ve just copied in the section ‘’Content code between <head> and </head> tags.

11. Click on the Update buttons, and then on Save and you’re done.

Your customers can now book appointment directly from your Web self website.

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