SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

What is an SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

All WebSelf sites have been converted to HTTPS. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure protocol by which your browser communicates with the sites.

When using a HTTPS site, the data is encrypted and authenticated and therefore secure.


Benefits of using a certificate

The personal information of your visitors is encrypted and therefore more secure.

Many users are more comfortable shopping online and sharing their personal information when visiting secure sites.

Google ranks HTTPS sites more favourably. Converting your site to HTTPS will therefore improve your SEO.

Implementation of the SSL Certificate

IMPORTANT: You have nothing to do, WebSelf takes care of this step. 


All comments and "I like" from social networks that are already assigned to your HTTP URL will be transferred when migrating to the HTTPS URL addresses. If you are replacing an existing social network such as Facebook, the Likes or comments of your social account will be reset to zero.

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