RSS Feed

Add an RSS feed module to allow visitors to subscribe to your blog.

You must first add the RSS feed to your blog. This will get the address of the RSS feed for your blog.

To add an RSS feed to your blog, go to the left side of the editor, in the "Blog" section, drag and drop the RSS feed icon to the desired location on your page.



On the Settings tab, you can configure the following:


Title of module; Tick ​​the "NO" button to enable this feature. Enter a title.


On the Style tab, you can configure the following:


Color of button; Choose the button color from the drop-down list.


Get my RSS feed address

When configured, you must Publish your site.

Once your site is online, your visitor can easily get this address by right-clicking on the icon.


The visitor will get an RSS feed address of the type: https: //



A RSS Reader is required to read an RSS feed. The tool is included on Mozilla Firefox for example. To read the RSS feed on Mozilla, just enter the feed address directly in the browser bar (the long bar at the top).
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