Change the duration of the subscription

Go to the Avartar tab on the right side of the Dashboard. Click on Billing and Payments.


To change the cycle of your subscription, click on the pencil on the right side of the map.

The details of your subscription are displayed; Go to Cycle and click on the Change billing Cycle link.
Read the information that is showing up then click on I want to change cycle.

  • A window with the Subscription Period options appears.
  • Check the option that suits you and click "select".
  • Check the information in the Payment window.
  • View information related to the chosen Plan.
  • Check the summary of your order (amount to pay related to the upgrade / downgrade of the plan, credit granted by WebSelf, etc.).
  • Check the Total and click on "Pay".

The modification of the plan will be taken into account once the process has been completed.

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