An anchor is a kind of landmark that you can place in your pages when they are very long (long scrolling). This makes it possible to make a link leading down to the same page so the visitor can go directly to the part that interests him.

Note: Anchors are not visible online.

To add an anchor, go to the left side of the editor, click "Add +", in the "Structure" section, drag and drop the anchor icon to the desired location on your page.

Create an anchor to a specific location on the current page / page of your site:

  • Enter a name in the Name of the anchor box (this name will appear in the URL when a visitor clicks on the link to this anchor). 


The anchor element works jointly with a link page.

  • Then create your page, go to the menu on the left side of the editor, click on "Pages", then click on "Add a page", choose the "Link" option.


  • Enter the name of the page you want to add. Normally, it will have to be the same name you are going to name your anchor.
  • Choose the Page Position either Main Page or Subpage. Normally, the pages "Link" that point to an anchor is put in Sub-page.
  • If the page "Link" point to a Page of your site ,choose the page from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Anchor section, you can link your page with the anchor that suits it.
  • Click Save in your list of pages depending on the location you have chosen for your page.

Note: You can also add an anchor from a text , image or button element by adding a link.

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